Caring Comforts Mystery Quilts…& Star quilt…

Participating in Comfort quilts has been part of my quilting experience since I really began the big push to learn how to quilt in Tennessee.

The following two quilts were started down there – and have been in my “to be completed” stack ever since.  Seems that they were begun as we were beginning a move to New Hampshire.

This quilt top will be donated to my Four Pines Quilt Guild.  This guild makes quilts for our local nursing home and the Women’s Shelter.  They especially need some kid size quilts and this one fits the bill.

This second quilt top will be donated to my Cornish Quilt Guild.  We do quilts for folks who need some comfort – either due to illness, death in family, or fires. 

We also do a special block which we work on throughout the year and then turn into quilts as needed.

The star block is the block we make – the quilts all turn out beautifully.  Sherry tends to do most of the assembly of the quilts – although there have been several of us in the last few years who have gathered together enough blocks to put a quilt top together.

Friday Fill-ins – 03/25/11


1. Why does it always take so long to go to the grocery store?  Maybe it is because I am now reading labels and looking at carbs and serving sizes. 

2. 36 inches is equal to a yard – any quilter knows that.

3. My favorite breakfast includes fried eggs, bacon, hash browns and rye toast.

4. Cat and Mouse by James Patterson was the last book I read that really made me wonder how he thinks!

5. I am SO glad that the sun is shining.

6. The spot on Killian’s side healing faster would make me feel better right now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to our apartment complex Wii bowling league, tomorrow my plans include continuing to work on fixing up my apartment (translates to unpacking – still)  and Sunday, I want to go to the fantastic brunch at the Senior Center!


This was what the view from my balcony looked like a few days ago when it snowed – within a few hours all the snow that had fallen was melted away off the trees. 

There is still quite a bit of snow on the ground – but, it is starting to melt – even though I still can’t see green!

Maybe this week-end!!!

Quick notes…

1) Killian is responding to the medicine – and has been kind of quiet the last two days.  It was expected from his vaccines.

2)  I’m responding to my meds – and so far I’ve even been able to sleep – usually Prednisone has me wide away all day and night…(Hopefully, I’m not jinxing myself)

3)  But the dreams are vivid as they always are when I am on this crazy medicine.

4)  I’m addicted to James Patterson’s Alex Cross character – I’ve read four in a row … (I’m reading them in order from the first one.)

Along Came a Spider; Kiss the Girls; Jack and Jill; and now Cat and Mouse! 

5)  But, they are being set aside – so I can read The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen.  It just came out and my library had it.  She’s one of my favorite authors!

6)  And, there are socks on needles! 

Ten on Tuesday…

10 Reasons To Be Glad It’s Spring

1) Daylight Savings Time – I love it!  Just love it.  It means that it doesn’t get dark so late – and I feel more alive.

2)  My balcony can now be readied for me to sit and have a cup of tea or breakfast or just to sit and read out there.

3)  I can open my windows!  I love to sleep with my windows open.

4)  Flowers – all these little flowers popping up! 

5)  Walking outside is nice – not too cold, not to hot – just right.

6)  Fresh veggies – like asparagus – are starting to come into season (asparagus is my favorite!)

7)  Don’t have to bundle up under a heavy coat…

8)  Baby Sheep and baby goats – actually a lot of little baby animals are born in spring

9)  Birds are appearing – singing in the trees – and Killian loves to look for them.

10)  New Hampshire Sheep and Wool festival … that says Spring!

Killian, again…

Well, this is what it has been looking like around here!  Except for Saturday when Mom had her quilting friends here in the Arts and Crafts room.

Both Mom and I have been sick – and I have to go to the Vet tomorrow.  I put a hole into my skin with my nail – and mom doesn’t want there to be an infection.  So, she is taking me in the afternoon.

And, I know she didn’t mention it – but, she had a really bad asthma attack on Thursday night – and spent the night (twelve hours) at the emergency room…but, she has been taking her medicine and resting since she got home…

She has been reading a lot of books and magazines…and me – I’ve been right there next to her.


Happy Spring…

Spring may be here – but, we are expecting snow tomorrow…Go figure!

Happy Spring, everyone!

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