Day Visiting the Doctor…

It’s officially allergies – and unfortunately my eyes have been taking the brunt of it.  Drops in my eyes several times a day and Benadryl at night for the next few nights.  It will really make me sleepy – but if it relieves the itching and watery eyes, I don’t care…

My diabetes is under control – even though my A1c went up this time – from 6.2 to 7.   I talked to her and told her that I felt like I wasn’t in control of it – especially since the move and the holidays.  She told me I was being hard on myself – that my numbers are good.  She wanted to know why I felt that way – and I explained that I have not been eating three meals a day – and that I snacked a lot…but, that I was going to correct that by going back to eating three meals a day and limiting my snacks to two a day … and staying within my carb limits.

My next appointment is in three months and I’ll be doing a fasting blood draw a week before which will check my A1c and my thyroid levels…

All in all it was a good day at the doctor’s office.


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  1. Dorothy
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 08:45:49

    Glad things went well with Dr. — yes don’t be too hard on yourself, it is hard to control eating during the holidays it seems that everywhere we turn there is a cookie screaming at us to eat it. You are lucky because you have made a plan for yourself to follow and I know you can do it. Take care!

  2. shelly
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 19:27:22

    My last A1C level was 4.5 lori said anything over 6.5 was bad for anyone. 10 is the worst. are you all unpack yet ? have a good weekend

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