Home Again…

Seems like I am a wandering gypsy these days…Had a wonderful week-end up in Bethlehem, New Hampshire visiting Scarlett, Elizabeth, Isis Dreamweaver, Zac,( the dogs) and Smudge (the cat).

One of the reasons I went was because Isis hasn’t been doing too well.  She’s been experiencing trouble walking and getting up and down.  The vet gave her some medicine and it has truly helped.  She is not out of the woods yet – but, at least she is able to walk on her own and get up and down from the couch and bed – (sometimes she needs some assistance getting the back end up.)

The other reason I went was just to relax – which I totally did.  Saturday we ran to Wal-Mart and the co-op.  Found some Rosemary and Mint shampoo and conditioner that was made by Suave…and I grabbed it.  Since the other Rosemary and Mint shampoo that I love is not available unless I special order it…

Picked up my favorite candy bars at the co-op:  Chocolove Hazelnuts in Milk Chocolate and Almonds and Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate.  Really must thank Dianna for turning me on to the last one while at SPA.  I just eat one little square every day until they are gone..

We had lunch out at one of the new Chinese restaurants in Littleton – and it was pretty good.  I actually (Don’t faint) tried Crispy Sesame Tofu – and it was good. 

Spent Saturday night and all day Sunday at their home just chilling and doing some knitting.  It was fun!!!

Drove home this afternoon and am now on my way to my quilt guild meeting…


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