1996 – 4/12/11

You will be missed very much.

Rupert was our dog until we had been here in New Hampshire for a year of so.  He and Zac hated each other – and Rupert would try to start fights with him.  Eventually, we felt that his quality of life with us was not what we wanted it to be.  We adopted him out to a wonderful friend of ours, Brenda.

He had a wonderful life with Brenda and her family and was spoiled rotten – actually beyond belief.

Please keep Brenda and her family as well as Scarlett and I in your thoughts. 

Rupert was a much loved little dog!

This month…

has been for the birds! 

Not a good blogging month to say the least! 

But, there has been much happening…

1)  My sister is coming to visit for a few days over Easter.

2)  My apartment is 1/4 unpacked still…so that means I need to get my rear in gear!

3)  But, I’ve not been feeling the best – and took another trip about a week ago to the ER.

4)  The Prednisone did another number on my blood sugars … and I was in the three hundreds … which is not good. 

5)  It affected my eyes making things a bit blurry around the edges – which made reading my computer screen the pits.  And, I was tired a lot of the time…

6)  But, the doctor got me straighted out – and now my sugars are getting back to normal … and my eyes are clearing up.  Took upping my diabetes medicine to an extra pill a day until I had come down to under 150.  This morning it was 109!  Yes, success!

So that’s what’s been going on here!  How about you???

Friday Fill-Ins: April 1, 2011


And…here we go!

1. I can’t believe that is has been snowing all day long!  And, there isn’t much on the ground.

2. Peace for everyone.

3. How can I get rid of this feeling of dryness in my eyes?  At least the medicine that caused it is no longer being taken.

4. Scrambled eggs was the last thing I cooked.

5. Six of one half a dozen of the other.

6. There are still boxes to unpack; nonono!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to bowling on the Wii league and starting a second sock, tomorrow my plans include finishing my laundry, and Sunday, I want to just relax but I’m sure I will be spending the day unpacking!