Project Spectrum…

It has been ages since I participated in Project Spectrum.  Project Spectrum is the brainchild of my friend, Lolly!  And, since it’s been ages since I participated – then you know it has been ages since I’ve visited her blog.  It’s nice to be back there and seeing all the things that have been happening with her and her family.

Project Spectrum runs from May to November with each month having a color or two to focus on…What I love about it is that you start looking at the world differently – you look at color…

Here is the schedule:

2011 Project Spectrum
May – November

May :: Red/Orange
June :: Green
July :: Blue/Indigo
August :: Pink/Purple
September :: Yellow/Metallics
October :: Cyan/Aqua
November :: Black/White/Grey

So, May is Red and Orange – and it looks like I am just sliding in under the wire…with a small offering –

I love RED – ORANGE – not so much!  But, today while out in the patio area of my building I saw the most beautiful flowers – and they are orange…

I think they are a hibiscus – or a breed thereof.  (You can tell I’m not much of a gardener!)

I have to say that is gorgeous!!!

Red happens to be one of my favorite colors … partly because I look good in it – especially now that my hair has some grey to it!  I used to have a really pretty red suit that I would wear to work every now and then…as a matter of fact, that suit got me one of my jobs when I wore it to an interview when I lived in Tennessee.

This past month I have been knitting up some hats – trying to get ready for a craft fair in November and want to have a little stock on hand.  Guess what – two of the hats I knit were red!  There are so many shades of red…the hat on the left is not quite the red I like.  It is pretty but doesn’t exactly blow my skirt up…

Now the hat on the right – that’s a red I can really love!  It is a deep gorgeous red.  It has depth.  It sings to me… t makes me happy…

So there you have my offering for the beginning of Project Spectrum!!!

Memorial Day…

Thinking of those who served

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Birthday…Mom

Happy 95th Birthday, Mom…We love you!

Mother’s Day…

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  I could not go visit today because I was just getting over the cold and sinus infection…and at almost 95 years old she doesn’t need to get the flu.

My daughter sent me a nice text message and I am anticipating a call from her…

Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends who share the joy of having children.

Class tonight…

My library, Fiske Free Library offers crafts classes every month.  They are sponsored by the Friends of the Library…of which I am president.  I’ve never attended a class before tonight – but, I decided it was time.

The class tonight was a free class on making wind chimes.  We had quite a crowd…and it was a lot of fun. 

Each person was provided with 3 pots which we then painted:

Here I am painting the larger pot… (These are terra-cotta pots that one buys in the gardening section).

Painted and added flowers – those are supposed to be tulips – but, I’m not the greatest artist.

Decorated with beads and ribbon…

And, the finished product…two painted pots tucked inside each other – and you have a pretty set of wind chimes!  I actually had a lot of fun making them!


I did say yesterday that there has been knitting!  And, knitting there is:

A pair of socks – not for me though.  One of the women in my apartment complex is giving them to her caregiver…so, I did the knitting for her.  She furnished the yarn and a bit of money.

Pattern:  Yankee Knitter Designs – Pattern #29 – Classic Socks for the Family

Yarn:  Knit Picks Stroll

Color:  Sprinkle Heather -24595  Dye Lot: 06291

Size 2 needle

They turned out really pretty…if I do say so myself!

Busy Day…

After getting very little sleep last night – Thanks to my neighbor, Marilyn, who loaned me a book called One for the Money – the first Stephanie Plum book – today ended up being busy.  How do I find these authors and books that want to keep me up all night reading?

I was having a bit of a cough – and just didn’t feel all that great – so, I called my doctor and she said to come on in and she would work me in.  I certainly didn’t want a replay of a month ago when I was in the ER with an asthma attack. 

Seems I have a sinus infection so she gave me a z-pac and a nose medicine…and I should be well and good in the next few days.

Worked on the apartment for a bit today…another bookcase finished!

Saw Mother while I was over at my doctor’s office.  She was taking her nap so I didn’t wake her up.  She is being fitted tomorrow for some diabetic shoes.

Killian celebrated his birthday yesterday with some new treats … and cuddled up in bed next to me last night!

That’s about it for tonight!  There has been knitting going on though!

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