Friday Fill-ins: June 10, 2011

And…here we go!
1. I remember when I first heard that John F. Kennedy had been killed.
2. The water showering down my body has tended to get cooler as the days have become warmer.
3. Most humans are good people … only a few are jerks.
4. Remember to wear clean underwear when you go out – you never know if you are going to be in an accident…sound familiar?

5. I was inspired by The Capucon Brothers music.

6. I bought some new fabric for a quilt and I put it who knows where!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to bowling on the WII with a few friends, tomorrow my plans include doing laundry and staying out of the rain and Sunday, I want to chill out and relax with some quilting and knitting!