This morning began early with me getting ready to go to the doctor’s office.  I had a follow-up appointment with her to check my asthma and allergies since I last saw her a few weeks ago.

At the last visit she changed my Advair to 500/50 – but, it has not seemed to do much more than the Advair I was already taking – but, I am going to try it for another two weeks.

My breathing has improved – but there was still some wheezing – so she put me back on my most “favorite” drug…Prednisone for 6 days.

Also, she ordered a nebulizer for me – and it will be delivered in the next couple of days…I will then be able to do breathing treatments at home…They seem to really help … and last a lot longer (like days) than using my rescue inhaler.  They will be used on an as needed basis…

Two weeks from today, I will be heading to the allergist for allergy testing.

Spent a few hours with Mom – which was really nice.  She had just had her nails done and they looked pretty.  I asked her if she still liked her massages…and she smiled and told me “YES” – it was a very stong yes.  The activities director tells me she really loves getting them…and she has really enjoyed the Spanish music my sister and I took her.

I know I promised I’d tell you all about the horse ride – but, I didn’t have time to work on the photos – so, I’ll try to do that tomorrow or Wednesday…


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  1. Jennifer
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 07:06:45

    Sara, I hope your health issues get sorted out soon….it’s not much fun, is it?

  2. Pat
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 07:40:42

    I’m sure the at-home treatments will make for great improvement. Happy to hear you had another nice visit with your mom, too!

  3. Kym
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 09:11:02

    Take care of yourself, Sara.

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