and, it seems that I got nothing accomplished!  Ran a neighbor up to Wal-mart.  She can’t drive – and I was headed that way to return an item…so, it was not a big deal.

Did I mention that lately I have been craving Taco Bell?  I think I’ve been about six times in the last few weeks – and always for the same thing:  A crunchy taco supreme!  I love them…and they are cheap even…but, oh, so good.  Today I splurged and had two!

Still haven’t figured out how to do photos on here!

Well, I need to finish reading a book and get some sleep – so, I’m out of here for tonight…


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  1. Janet
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 12:37:30

    Sometimes Sundays are like that….nothing gets accomplished but it’s good to have a day like that once in awhile. A day to eat taco supremes!

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