Busy day…

I’ve been busy today working on getting my apartment unpacked and set up the way I want it…it has taken me a while – but at least I’m working on it…

Ran to the library today; the Dollar Tree – needed a table-cloth for my trip and I didn’t have a small plastic cutting board; and the bank. 

Killian has been such a sweet boy!  He is hovering lately – I think he thinks we are moving again…or something…but, he is staying rather close.

Tomorrow and Friday I am not planning on leaving the house – they are saying we are going to be having dangerously high temperatures…am glad Mom is in a safe air-conditioned facility…and that I also have some air-conditioning.


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  1. Debby
    Jul 21, 2011 @ 10:06:57

    I hope you and Killian stay safe in this heat! I love it but we all have to be careful. Take good care of yourselves!

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