Friday Fill-ins: 09/30/11


And…here we go!

1. I need another vacation…only because I miss the hell out of Maine!

2.  I could not believe how lucky we were when Hurricane Irene passed us by!

3. A great deal doesn’t always involve money.

4. Right now I could use some amaretto and Half & Half in a big tall glass.

5. It was announced in the newspaper that the opening reception for “The Art of Quilting: An Exhibit by the Soo-Nipi Quilters Guild” will be tomorrow for 2-4 PM .

6. I do not own a decent set of steak knives.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to WII bowling and knitting in the Arts and Crafts room, tomorrow my plans include staying home as I feel like I am getting a cold and Sunday, I want to chill and fix a couple of bookcases in my apartment!

And, as always – thanks to Janet for the lovely art work she posts with her Friday Fill-ins. 

Poor Killian…

As most of you know Killian gets out on me a lot and goes and visits his human friends at the end of the hall…He gets lots of attention from them.  Well, today he got out and headed down the hall – but, Lucy (the dog down the hall) was sitting there.  Killian went over to her and sniffed her nose and they sort of greeted each other – then Lucy barked!  Killian hissed! 

I picked him up – but he wanted no part of being held…so I put him down a distance from Lucy. 

Told him we should go home and get a treat – cause it didn’t look like Lucy wanted to be friends.

I felt so sorry for him – he turned around to head for home – and he looked so sad.  He hung his little head and would stop and turn around to look to see his friends.  It was downright pitiful!

But, he did get a treat when he got home…

My library…

I love my library!  Fiske Free Library is our city library.  It’s not huge – but, they always seem to have the current books and movies.  I’ve been President of the Friends of the Library for the past couple of years. 

The Friends sponsor a monthly craft day which is open to anyone – no age limit…And, today was the craft day.  The kids who came got to make two projects.  One was to decorate a tee-shirt by putting leaves on it and then spray painting the shirt – so that the area under the leaves would be left white.  They turned out really cute!  I could have made one but to be honest I totally forgot about that part of the day.

Mainly, I forgot because the second part was to make a terrarium.  I have always wanted to make one.  So today, I showed up with my empty jar.  Picked one up at WallyWorld for under $5.00.  The soil and plants were free as well as the instruction.  The kids got to make little pots with the plants as most of them didn’t bring jars.  Those pots were also free. 

So, this is me making my terrarium…

Boy, I didn’t realize my hair is that gray…that’s okay – I like it…there I am putting the plants into the ground.

Feels good to dig in the dirt!!!

The finished products – my pretty terrarium and two small pots of pretty little plants.  It was a fun day!

Ten on Tuesday…09/27/11…

10 Things You Do Every Day

1)  Make my bed.  I’m sure Killian could care less if the bed is made or not.  But, I do.  I deserve to have a nicely made bed to crawl into every night.  If I liked to wash clothes and weren’t such an environmentalist – I’d have fresh linens every day just cause they feel and smell good.

2.  I take my asthma and allergy medications – as well as my diabetic meds.  To be honest, I have gotten much better about taking all my medications.

3.  I play at least five games of WII bowling.  It is my exercise!  I really get into it too.  There are a few of us who bowl every night – one of them is a little lady that is 89 and she can out bowl all of us!

4.  I knit.  Knitting is like breathing for me – if I am sitting my hands are full of yarn and needles.

5.  Spend time with Killian.  He really enjoys the time – we play, get treats, and in general have a nice day.  We also like to take a nap together – but not every day.

6.  Get outdoors.  It doesn’t matter if the weather is rainy, cold or gorgeous – I need to be outside for a little while.

7.  Cook and eat well.  Getting better at cooking some cool meals. 

8.  Read – not a day goes by that I don’t read.  I would not be able to sleep if I didn’t read.  Books are such a huge part of my life.

9.  Drink tea or hot chocolate – It is my way of stopping drinking sodas. 

10.  Connect on Facebook with family and friends.

So, what do you do every single day????


Today was spent at a birthday party this afternoon.  It was for Jimmy – one of the residents here.  He served some really good lasagna … and a few people brought some covered dishes – so there was plenty to eat along with cake and ice cream.  His mother made the cake and she is an awesome baker.  My gift was a nice skein of wool yarn – in a chunky weight and size 11 needles – 16 inch circulars so he can make himself a hat.  He loves to knit…

Then tonight was my Cornish Quilter Guild – it was fun to get back to the group.  I haven’t been attending the meetings lately…but am back there too.

We had a fat quarter exchange – you could bring up to 10 – and then we went around the table and got to pick one (each of us in turn) until we had picked one for each one that we brought…I took eight – so, I got eight new fat quarters!  It’s a great way to get new fabric without spending any money…(If you use your stash to pick the fat quarters that you take!!!!)

It was fun to see some old friends – and enjoyed the evening…plus there was a bonus – one of our members, Cathy, just had a baby eight weeks ago – and she brought Daniel by to see us.  He’s adorable!

I’ve Been Away…

not from home – but away mentally…and emotionally from blogging.  I just haven’t been able to put thoughts into words and then onto the computer screen and my blog…

But, I think I’m ready to come back and play…mainly because I’ve:

missed my friends

have lots of photos to share about my vacations, knitting, and quilting projects;

miss sharing my thoughts about things that are going on in my life…

So – look for a brand new post tomorrow!!!

I’m back!

Back again…

Yes, I’m home again!  Spent five days in Maine – we left on Monday the day after Hurricane Irene passed through New Hampshire.  We waited to make sure our homes and our families and friends were okay. 

Did manage to visit a few quilt shops – more on those in the days to come…and got some projects completed and others got a good start…