Doctor day…Visiting Mom…

Today was my Welcome to Medicare Physical!  WOOT!  My doctor said every thing is looking good…She did put me on some new medicine – for cholesterol.  My cholesterol is good – 181 – but the bad one is a little high.  This is just a preventative – especially since I am diabetic.

After my visit with the doctor – I went down to spend time with Mom.  I am not at all sure that she knew who I was…but, she told me she is feeling really good.  The therapy dog (Tillie – a beautiful chocolate-brown lab) was there and I asked mom if she wanted to play with her – I got a resounding “NO”.  The nurses tell me she’s not big on dogs.

She told me that she was ready for lunch – and was hungry.  Her eating habits are real good.  She seems to eat 100% of her breakfast and lunch – but, dinner – not so much.  She seems tired by dinner time.  I guess I would be tired too if I were 95 and up at 6:30 every morning.  She loves her coffee – so she gets up early.  Then after lunch – there is a couple hour nap …

Her hair was cut last week and it looks really cute…and she is still enjoying her weekly massages and listening to her music.

Well, that was my day!  Now I’m off to bed and to read!


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  1. Jennifer
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 00:44:43

    A good medical report is terrific!

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