Fiber Day…

Yesterday my friend from Maine, Dianna, came to visit.  She was actually on a mission to visit some local yarn shops.  So, this morning Laila (our other friend), and she and I took off for our fiber day…

First stop – WEBS (  I bought nothing!  Dianna bought a beautiful skein of brown yarn (silk, cashmere, wool).  And, Laila – bought some weaving supplies and yarn for shawls.

Second stop:  Harrisville Designs ( – Ended up buying just a pattern for a hat that has some color work in it.  Dianna found some yarns she wanted to test for her project.  Laila bought a pattern or some weaving things – can’t remember.

Third stop:  Green Mountain Spinnery ( – Again, Dianna found some yarn she wanted to test for her project. 

I saw a beautiful knit shell – in two gorgeous shades of grey and pink…Once I tried it on – I knew I had to have the pattern!  So, the woman at the counter pulled the pattern out – and I almost began to cry – the name of the pattern is ISIS !  ( (which was the name of my dog who recently passed away)

You know some things are just meant to happen –  and that pattern is in my little hands and will be knit up soon in memory of her!

We are spending the day tomorrow knitting and just relaxing…


New Pillows…

My neighbor, Nancy, made me a lovely birthday present. 

New pillows for my sofa.  I have a purple cover on my sofa – and the pillows match perfectly!  They are really beautiful!

Elizabeth’s Hat…

There has been knitting on the homefront.  Started this hat while I was at SPA (I’ll tell you more about that in the next few days) in Freeport, Maine.  Wanted something easy – that I could knit and talk at the same time…

Elizabeth furnished the yarn – and I put it all together – it is being mailed to her this coming week…

Pattern – Simple Rolled Brim Hat

Yarn:  Reynolds Lopi (white) and a skein of some fancy yarn.

I think it turned out rather nice…

Friday Fill-ins…03/02/12

1. When I heard that Davy Jones passed away – it was a bit sad.

2. Cold weather makes me want a large latte with 3 sugars and whole milk!  Love my Dunkin’ Donuts!

3. Get a life!

4. The coast of Maine (actually anywhere in Maine) is where I love to be.  Somehow Maine has grabbed a bit of my heart!

5. Hands On – especially when it comes to my knitting!

6. I try very hard not to put anybody down.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing and watching the movie “Nights in Rodanthe”,  tomorrow my plans include going to the roast beef supper in Hartland 4-Corners, and Sunday, I want to knit and maybe work on a couple of quilts!

Hello, March…

This February was one of the worst months I’ve had in a long time.  I think I only had a few good days – and they came toward the end of the month when I went to SPA…(A knitting, spinning, weaving long week-end in Freeport, Maine).

My 66th birthday kicked my butt!  I have no idea why – other than suddenly I was feeling old!  65 came and went with no real drama – but not 66! 

It’s not that it was a bad day – some of my friends here gave me a nice birthday party; my daughter called and sent me a lovely birthday card; and I heard from a lot of friends…it was clearly just the age!  

Then the 17th my sweet baby girl, Isis Dreamweaver, went to doggie heaven.  That really broke my heart.  I remember getting her – a trail of doggie treats lead me to her standing at the edge of the bathtub.  She had the longest ears – and I wondered how that little dog was going to grow up big enough to fill out those ears.

She was the one who at six months old stood in between me and a wolf hybrid that had escaped from his yard (scaling a six-foot fence) –  until I (along with Scarlett) was close enough to the house to get inside. 

She was my baby – and when I could not have a dog in my apartment – she lived with Scarlett, Elizabeth and her doggie brother, Zac.  She and Zac were inseparable…

So, the month of February is gone – and good riddance!  On to March and an entire new outlook on life and living … living my life to the fullest!