There has been knitting this month – worked on an afghan that one of my neighbors wants done…

And, then I worked on these washclothes:

Book & Dishcloth Swaps…

Lots of goodies arrived in February – some coffee, a rabbit, candy, dishcloth, a sheep bell, and the Diane Keaton book: Then Again.

A pretty dishcloth and hot plate holder, a great recipe, and the book:  Container Gardening for Dummies! 

And, finally April’s swap – some book-plate, a sheep egg cozy, a worm bookmark and the book:  House Rules by Jodi Picoult.

Great reads all of them…and I so enjoy playing along monthly…Can’t wait to see what May will bring…


This past week I spent some time in Bethlehem babysitting Zac and Oreo. 

His favorite spot on the couch on top of the pillows –

He really loves being on the couch – he kept me at the other end of it when he stretched out for his nap.  He seemed to be happy to be around me again – it has been a while since I last saw him. 

And, he has a new playmate…

This is Oreo – and he is the sweetest cat.  His front legs are really cool – one is solid white and the other is black with a white paw.  He has one bad habit – he likes to jump from the second floor loft onto the cabinet top in the kitchen…scared the pants off of me the first time he did it…

It was a nice relaxing four days watching them…

Friday Fill-ins…04/27/12…

1. Ah, me…I’m getting a little tired of local robberies and people shooting each other.

2. An upcoming trip to Canada is what’s on my mind most lately.

3. When I talk to my best friend, we seem to pick up the conversation right where we last left off – you would never know there was any time passage from when we last talked or saw each other.

4. Eating better meals is what’s working for me lately.

5. I recently saw The Hunger Games and I really liked it.  I didn’t think I would – but, it followed the book very well.

6. Talking with my daughter, Tara, fills me with joy!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to to attending the auction at the local quilt shop, tomorrow my plans include going to Proctorsville for the Vermont Wild & Wooly Week-end and Sunday, I want to set up my balcony – which involves cleaning off my chaise lounge and putting the cushion on it…hope the weather cooperates.


I’m home! 

I had a great time babysitting Zac and Oreo – they both are sweet little animals!  And, slept next to me and talked to me…it was a quiet four days!

And, while I enjoyed being with the babies – I’m thrilled to be back to my BED!!!!  Speaking of  which I am fixing to crawl into in a few minutes.  See you tomorrow…

New Discoveries…

I like Margaritas!  They seem to be a nice refreshing drinks for the summer!

And, I finally learned how to use my Cuban Coffee Pot to make lattes at home!!!

 This little pot is wonderful and makes expresso so well…but, it just took me until today to get it right!  YES!

Ten on Tuesday…04/24/12…

My friend, Carole, has returned home from vacation – I’m sure that is the reason that she picked this topic for today:

10 Good Things About Coming Home from a Vacation

1.  Getting to sleep in my own bed!  I miss my bed when I travel.  It knows my body and I feel safe and secure in it.

2.  My cat, Killian, treats me like I am returning royalty. We both seem to miss each other a lot.

3.  Having my own bathroom back – I’m fussy that way.

4.  I hate paying for every bag of peanuts, chips, soda, or whatever I want to snack on – that why I’m glad to see my kitchen.

5.  I can walk around on my apartment complex property and feel totally safe…not always that way on a hotel property.

6.  I don’t have to shed the pjs if I want a cup of coffee or a rootbeer – they are in my own kitchen.

7.  Things that I enjoy (like movies, cds, cassettes, books) are at my fingertips…I don’t just have to carry one along with me. (And, that usually means a book!)

8.  My own shampoo, conditioner, etc. – as I age I like having those type of items that I like handy.

9.  Getting to see and be with friends and neighbors.

10.  Catching up on e-mail on my desktop.  I’m not all that fond of my laptop – find it harder to use.

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