Ten on Tuesday…04/24/12…

My friend, Carole, has returned home from vacation – I’m sure that is the reason that she picked this topic for today:

10 Good Things About Coming Home from a Vacation

1.  Getting to sleep in my own bed!  I miss my bed when I travel.  It knows my body and I feel safe and secure in it.

2.  My cat, Killian, treats me like I am returning royalty. We both seem to miss each other a lot.

3.  Having my own bathroom back – I’m fussy that way.

4.  I hate paying for every bag of peanuts, chips, soda, or whatever I want to snack on – that why I’m glad to see my kitchen.

5.  I can walk around on my apartment complex property and feel totally safe…not always that way on a hotel property.

6.  I don’t have to shed the pjs if I want a cup of coffee or a rootbeer – they are in my own kitchen.

7.  Things that I enjoy (like movies, cds, cassettes, books) are at my fingertips…I don’t just have to carry one along with me. (And, that usually means a book!)

8.  My own shampoo, conditioner, etc. – as I age I like having those type of items that I like handy.

9.  Getting to see and be with friends and neighbors.

10.  Catching up on e-mail on my desktop.  I’m not all that fond of my laptop – find it harder to use.

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  1. Pat
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 22:04:51

    GREAT list!!! I find myself nodding my head in agreement with all that you said!

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