Friday Fill-ins…04/27/12…

1. Ah, me…I’m getting a little tired of local robberies and people shooting each other.

2. An upcoming trip to Canada is what’s on my mind most lately.

3. When I talk to my best friend, we seem to pick up the conversation right where we last left off – you would never know there was any time passage from when we last talked or saw each other.

4. Eating better meals is what’s working for me lately.

5. I recently saw The Hunger Games and I really liked it.  I didn’t think I would – but, it followed the book very well.

6. Talking with my daughter, Tara, fills me with joy!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to to attending the auction at the local quilt shop, tomorrow my plans include going to Proctorsville for the Vermont Wild & Wooly Week-end and Sunday, I want to set up my balcony – which involves cleaning off my chaise lounge and putting the cushion on it…hope the weather cooperates.


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