The Hero…

Killian received an Achievement Certificate for Extreme Bravery tonight at our Residents Association Meeting…

On behalf of the EMBC Residents Association, I would like to present this award to Killian Brockunier for heroism above and beyond his normal daily routine, without any fear for his own safety, he alerted his mistress to the two burglars that were lurking in the courtyard.

Thanks to Killian’s keen senses and alertness, the police were able to apprehend these two criminals , before they harmed any residents or stole any of our belongings.

Again we all give our thanks to our brave friend Killian.

Vice Chairman…”

His reward was a catnip mouse toy from the Association and two bags of treats from neighbors.

His mommy is very proud of him…

Busy Day…

Today was busy, busy…Spent most of the day getting the books in order…

Tomorrow is our Resident Meeting and my last night as Treasurer – and I have to honestly tell you – I am DAMN THRILLED to be done with the job.  It would not have been so bad except that I had to deal with the Snow Plow Program – and keeping track of all that was a royal pain you-know-where!  And, having to deal with people who all have an opinion on how everything should be handled…but, don’t want to lift a finger to help.

It’s like a friend said – “They all want to eat the bread – but none of them want to bake it.”

I can honestly say it will be a cold day you-know-where before I ever serve on the Board of Directors again –

Besides now I have much more time to do what I want to do – like KNIT, QUILT, WEAVE, and READ!

Sunday Dinner…

I forgot to take a photo – but, I had the best dinner tonight.  Took myself to B J Bricker’s – and while I usually have the steak special – I didn’t tonight.  Mainly, cause they didn’t have a steak special.

Instead I had the best Grilled Chicken Caesar salad.  Oh, it was so good!  Lots of garlic, cheese, and anchovies!  Yummy!!!!

Am trying to eat better!!!

Swag bag…

Each of us traveling to Canada for the knitting retreat is bringing a little gift to each of the others – therefore when we leave we will have a swag bag full of lovely things…

This is what I am contributing:

Included will be a hand knit washcloth (by me), a bar of some wonderful Cranberry & antioxidant Soap, and some picks that go into your holiday cupcakes..

Chose to knit the washcloth in a red and white since the Canadian flag is red and white…

Think it will still be a surprise as none of them read my blog…

Friday Fill-ins…May 4, 2012


Aside to Janet:  Oh, I love, love that purple car…and where did you see that???

1. After a while, I seem to forget that I was upset with something or someone…maybe that’s the best way to be.

2.  I am starting to be much more organized at least.

3. Well, anyway, I think I’ve been doing rather well with my diet and eating better.

4. Reading and listening to music at night is very relaxing to me.

5. I always find my way to a Dunkin Donuts – that way I get my lattes!

6. My sense of self keeps me going.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to knitting – need to finish up some items that are going into the swag bag for each person on my Canada trip, tomorrow my plans include doing laundry and finishing up the books for the residents association and Sunday, I want to set up my balcony…the weather has not cooperated the last few weeks and I want to be able to sit outside and read!

Trip Planning…

Sometime in the near future, I’m meeting up with some friends in Canada!  How cool is that?

Six other Ravelry members and I are going to The Rockview Cottages.  Lots of relaxing by the lake … lots of knitting, weaving, and maybe crocheting. 

We are planning a trip to the local yarn shop – After all what kind of road trip would it be if we didn’t stop and at least look at yarn!  And, we will be having dinner out one night.

The rest of the week we will be doing communal evening meals and everyone is on their own for breakfast and lunch!

My cabin will be Cottage #3 Pickerel and we will be using Cottage #2 for our daily meeting room…

AAA has given me a wonderful route and I’ll get to see places that I’ve never seen before! 

Can you tell I am excited about going????  Still have a while – but, the planning is part of the fun part!!!


I really enjoy knitting afghans…and recently one of the folks who moved into my apartment building asked if I ever did knitting for others.  He said the wanted to have an afghan for over the back of his couch – and he wanted it to match his drapes and furniture…a sort of tan color…

Sent him to look at yarns and he came home with this:

This yarn is working out beautifully!!!  I was sort of surprised at what he picked and without any help…It should be done in a couple of weeks and I’ll show you the finished project.

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