Bethlehem and Littleton…

Bethlehem is such a cute little village – located in the White Mountains or North Woods (never sure as the region it is in – just know it is a beautiful area).  There are a couple of places that I really enjoy visiting when I am there.

First up is WREN – Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network:  They have some awesome items that are made by members and sold in their store.  I love going there…gives me such inspiration to continue being creative in my own way!

Second:  The Maia Papaya – such a cool coffee shop…they have very good “latte’ and their breakfast sandwich is so good.  They are located right next to the Post Office…

Now Littleton is a bit different – it’s bigger and has a lot of the “big box stores” – but the downtown is so quaint!  Lots of cool places to visit there:

The Village Bookstore is always worth the stop!  And, on the bottom floor is the quilt store which recently moved from Whitefield. The New Hampshire League of Craftsmen has the right side of the bottom floor (if you are going down the stairs inside the bookstore)…another great place to rejuvenate your creative juices!   

The Yarn Garden is one of my favorite places to go – lots of cool yarn and such nice folks own and work there.  It’s always fun to spend a bit of time there! 

For food  – there is The Littleton Diner and the Thai restaurant – it’s the first Thai place that I’ve ever eaten and it really is good.

So there you have it – a look at another area that is in My Corner of the World…

My Corner of the World…

A while back I used to have a topic called My Corner of the World – well, I’m bringing it back…

This time it is the view from my balcony…

The recent snow makes the view from my balcony look like a winter wonderland.

What I really love about living where I do – is that my apartment building is within the city limits – actually a few blocks from downtown – yet,  the back of the building (which is the side my apartment faces) looks like I live in the country.  Woods to look at – and no noise.  I never hear the street noise…

My home is a piece of tranquility in the middle of a city…Now you know one of the reasons I love it so.

Colors of February…

My friend, Sue, hosts The Colors of…for each month of the year! 

So, I thought I would join her this month with the Colors of February.

The babies are moving…

It seems impossible but by Saturday next week – my four-footed babies will be living in Bethlehem, New Hampshire.  


My boy Zac


My girl Isis Dreamweaver

We’ve already had our talk – about them being good and that just because I am not going to be seeing them as often doesn’t mean that I don’t still love them.

My Corner of the World…

Yesterday, I ran up to New London, New Hampshire to see a couple of friends who were participating in the VNA (Visiting Nurse Association) Christmas bazaar.

On the way home, I stopped by Lake Sunapee Harbor – I love to go there!  Mom loves it too…and tells me when they take them down there in the van.


 This is the view across the lake – private homes and some condos up on the hill.  I can only imagine the view is awesome for them.


I think the yellow house on the hill is either an inn or a building that can be rented for special occasions.  The blue building is the Anchorage – a restaurant on the harbor. 

Sometimes if you are lucky – you might get a glimpse of two really well known Lake Sunapee residents – and members of Aero**ith…name Steven T*ler and J*e P*rry.  They still jam with some of the folks in the area. (I’ve not been so lucky!  Darn it!)


Another lovely home across the lake…The area is just lovely!  And, there area a few places that you can take a walk.

It is a beautiful area – no matter the weather or the season.

My Corner of the World…

Billings Farm and Museum is located in Woodstock, Vermont. It is a working farm and museum that celebrates rural life in Vermont.  It is a beautiful place to visit.


I especially love seeing the cows.  Okay, I have a thing for cows – I think they have the sweetest faces and are so gentle.  The livestock has a very nice life at Billings…

On day I plan to be there when they open and go to all the activities…it would be such a fun day.  Plus they have cooking classes that teach how to use local veggies…

You might want to check out their website

My Corner of the World…


Beautiful, isn’t he?  He resides at VINS – Vermont Institute of Natural Science in Woodstock, Vermont.  He and a lot of other birds are there because they have been hurt and can no longer live in the wild.


Don’t know how well you can see this little owl – but, he is hiding behind the leaves.


Both of the eagles can be seen in this photo – I took a lot of photos there that day – but these are the only three that turned out!!!

Scarlett and Elizabeth took me there for my birthday this year and I’m just getting around to sharing…

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