My boy…




May 1, 1996 – August 26, 2013

You were my best boy for 17 years…I am going to miss you


Mom’s Knitting…

Killian here…

Mom is busy paying bills and knitting

She is just a few rows from finishing a pair of socks…she plans to show them off tomorrow…so don’t tell her I told you about them.

My balcony…

It’s that time of the year…Spring/Summer – when I fix up my balcony.

The winter gets the deck kind of yucky what with the snow that lands and then melts…

The empty corner with a sweet kitty checking out the deck…


The transformation:



Ready for dinners and reading out on my balcony.

weigh in…

Ended up running out to buy a scale tonight.  Have to weigh myself everyday…and the scale in the arts and crafts room doesn’t do a good job.

I used to weigh between 135 and 140…now I am down to 123.  Not good…my doctor wants me back around the 135 mark.

And,the other reason I have to weigh in every day is cause the heart doctor said I had to…so I am doing as ordered.


The storm just ended…and it was quite the deal…

Lost power for about three hours.  When that happens our apartments are very dark…so, I joined my friend, Marilyn, down in the alcove near her apartment…the generator keeps the lights on there…so we sat and knit on the afghan we are each making.

No cable…so am off to read.



Seriously…it is June already.

Last month just flew by…and I have to admit … it was a hard month.

The first Mother’s day without my mom…and then the 29th would have been her 97th birthday…

But, each day I am growing stronger…Not missing her any less…but learning to cope better.

And, today I actually caught myself singing while doing some stuff around my home.

Ten Reasons Why I Knit

First Ten on Tuesday in a long time….so here  go…

1.  I love  knit…that is the main reason.

2.  I love yarn.  And, I mean all kinds of yarn.

3.  Knitting makes me feel creative.

4.  I love to experiment with color.

5.  Knitting makes wonderful gifts for family and friends.

6.  Knitting relaxes me…I would say it is cheaper than therapy…but then you haven’t seen some of the prices I have paid for some yarns.

7.  Knitting has lead me to making some of the best friends a girl can have.

8.  Knitting is educational.  I have learned about sheep, goats, alpacas, places, and different stitches and patterns.

9.  I have socks, scarves, shawls, other clothing and items for my home that are different and created by me.

10.  It gives me a chance to give back to the community by knitting and donating hand knit items to those in need.











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