Friday Fill-Ins #135…

Graphic courtesy of Tonya!

And…here we go!

1. It’s time for me to get my rear in gear and do a little walking!  It is the only real exercise I get!

2. Boston; it’s not a bad place for walking around town…actually, there are tons of great places to to walk to see.

3. I must be getting a cold; I’m feeling yucky…lots of aches and a real sore throat.  Am being good an taking medicine!

4. Knowing how to read  is the best thing I have ever known. It not only has opened wonderful worlds – but, without knowing how to read I would not be able to read patterns for my knitting and quilting…

5. My life is simply the best!

6. The last time I laughed really loudly was while watching the Dog Show and a couple of dogs just were too cute strutting their stuff!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to chilling out and taking my medicine along with reading a good book, tomorrow my plans include going to Woodstock, Vt. to the farmer’s market and getting some coconut macaroons and Sunday, I want to go to the Quilt Show in Wolfeboro, NH with a quilting friend of mine!  So, I need to make sure I am well enough!

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5 On Thursday…

A friend, Pat, does this thing where she will post a photo or two depending on the day of the week as to how many photos…

Well, today is Thursday – the 5th day of the week – and I’ve got absolutely nothing to talk about…so, here you go – 5 photos:


This way, please…


The new braver me…






Trusting (my grand-dog, Griffin)

Severe Storms and Mom…

Quick post…we are in the middle of flash flood warnings and severe storm warnings…

Mother threw me out today – Bless her heart – I don’t think she realized it was me.  I was visiting with her and she noticed people going into the dining room – which is also used for recreation.  She asked me what was going on – I told her – “they are having church”.  She said she wanted to go and she would see me later…When the Pastor greeted her – she said in a clear voice “I’m  fine, thank you!”

Good report for her 90 day review…She has gained 6 pounds up to 102 pounds now…She eats well and participates in all the activities.

And, the best news – she went out to lunch in New London at Four Corners Resturant.  She had chicken fingers!  And, she also went to the dock to see the boats and had ice cream on a different day.  Megan (the activities coordinator) told me when asked what kind of ice cream she wanted she said “vanilla”.   And, she remembered to tell me!

The best part of all of this – is that it has become her home for her to do things that she enjoys – and she is doing things again…Makes me very, very happy!

Ten On Tuesday…

 Ten Favorite Sounds

1)  My daughter’s voice

2)  Killian’s purr

3)  Isis and Zac barking

4)  Birds singing

5)  k d lang’s singing

6)  The opening strains of “Morning” by Greig (and any other classical music)

7)  Waves hitting the beach

8)  The crunch of snow and the rustle of fall leaves under your feet when you walk

9)  The clicking of knitting needles and the purr of a sewing machine

10)  The sound of quiet in the woods

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The Simple Woman's Daybook…


FOR TODAY …  July 27, 2009

Outside my window… the weather seems to be a little nuts today…it is hot but, there is a wind blowing.  And, the rain is coming – according to the weatherman…the county just below me is under severe storm warnings.

I am thinking… that I probably should not have gotten so angry at the bank today…but, I did.  Am I sorry – no!  But, my blood pressure didn’t like it!  I just cannot comprehend why it took over 9 weeks to update an account…because someone didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

I am thankful for… just about everything…happy little camper today.

From the learning rooms… that some people just aren’t worth getting upset with…

From the kitchen… corn on the cob is calling my name as is an apple crisp – which I am making tomorrow.

I am wearing… green shorts, dark green tee shirt and socks…changing the shorts to jeans before I leave for my quilt guild meeting.

I am creating… a new quilt – a scrappy 9-patch…and I am really expanding what I would normally do – (which is use a solid and print)  – I’m actually combining some prints with prints..

I am going… to visit mother on Wednesday.  It is also the 90-day meeting with the staff that cares for her.  After that I am using up a gift certificate and getting a neck/shoulders massage.

I am reading… Cradle and All by James Patterson.

I am hoping… that the rain stays away until I get home from quilt guild.  I don’t much like to drive in it.

I am hearing… the running fan, the tv – watching FOOD TV.

On of my favorite things… relaxing with a good book and feeling the breeze.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a little sewing of blocks; some knitting; reading; maybe a trip over to Saint Gaudens for the Sunday concert…

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


Beautiful Zen Garden

Grandmother Wren is hosting The Simple Woman’s Daybook this summer while Peggy takes a vacation.

You can participate or read more daybooks here!

My Corner of the World…

We have a new restaurant in Claremont!  The Common Man has finally arrived!  Not only is it a beautiful restaurant – but it is also a hotel with 35 rooms. 

This is part of the renovation our town is going through – where old historic mill buildings are being converted to wonderful new spaces.  And, it is a welcome addition to our little city.

The sign:


The Lobby:


The Gym:


The Suite:




And, the view from the terrace of the the restaurant:  (It was too crowded the night I went to take indoor photos of the restaurant)



So, next time you happen to be in Claremont, NH make sure you stop in and have dinner.  I know the dinner I had that evening (rainbow trout) was really good!

In case any of you are wondering – All the opinions, photos, etc. on posts that bear My Corner of the World are my own.  I do not get “anything” out of it – other than getting to show you where I live and play…


Several people commented on the fact that my nickname was Sally…or as I got older Sallie – and then it was Salli – but it was my nickname…So, how did that happen???  I mean my legal name is Sara Maria…

Let’s start at the beginning…I was born in Philadelphia, PA on a cold, snowy February 6th morning in 1946.  (Yes, I know I am over the big Five-O – the big Six-O, too…). 

My parents decided I should be named after my Mother (Carmen Maria) and my father’s mother, my grandmother (Sara May)…so that was that!  So, how did that become Sally?

My mom tended to have very small children…so, when I came along weighing 3 pounds 1 ounce…of course, I had to stay in the hospital…

Finally, the day came when I weighed six pounds and I could go home…my mom and dad took me home…but, when they would call me by my name – Sara – I didn’t respond…

My mother really was worried that I might be deaf – so, she took me back to the hospital.  Well, all the nurses who had taken care of me – starting holding me and calling me Sally…and there I was responding! 

So, that’s how Sara became Sally…I continued to be called Sally until my grandmother passed away because it was a way to know who we were talking too.  At that time (1978) – I also began a career in magazine journalism – and I wanted my legal name to be my by-line…so, I then went on to be called Sara…

I like Sara – it is a pretty name…

So, if we are ever out and about and someone comes up and calls me Sally – you know they have known me for a long, long time…

So, there you go – that’s the story!!!

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