Ten Reasons Why I Knit

First Ten on Tuesday in a long time….so here  go…

1.  I love  knit…that is the main reason.

2.  I love yarn.  And, I mean all kinds of yarn.

3.  Knitting makes me feel creative.

4.  I love to experiment with color.

5.  Knitting makes wonderful gifts for family and friends.

6.  Knitting relaxes me…I would say it is cheaper than therapy…but then you haven’t seen some of the prices I have paid for some yarns.

7.  Knitting has lead me to making some of the best friends a girl can have.

8.  Knitting is educational.  I have learned about sheep, goats, alpacas, places, and different stitches and patterns.

9.  I have socks, scarves, shawls, other clothing and items for my home that are different and created by me.

10.  It gives me a chance to give back to the community by knitting and donating hand knit items to those in need.











Ten on Tuesday…04/24/12…

My friend, Carole, has returned home from vacation – I’m sure that is the reason that she picked this topic for today:

10 Good Things About Coming Home from a Vacation

1.  Getting to sleep in my own bed!  I miss my bed when I travel.  It knows my body and I feel safe and secure in it.

2.  My cat, Killian, treats me like I am returning royalty. We both seem to miss each other a lot.

3.  Having my own bathroom back – I’m fussy that way.

4.  I hate paying for every bag of peanuts, chips, soda, or whatever I want to snack on – that why I’m glad to see my kitchen.

5.  I can walk around on my apartment complex property and feel totally safe…not always that way on a hotel property.

6.  I don’t have to shed the pjs if I want a cup of coffee or a rootbeer – they are in my own kitchen.

7.  Things that I enjoy (like movies, cds, cassettes, books) are at my fingertips…I don’t just have to carry one along with me. (And, that usually means a book!)

8.  My own shampoo, conditioner, etc. – as I age I like having those type of items that I like handy.

9.  Getting to see and be with friends and neighbors.

10.  Catching up on e-mail on my desktop.  I’m not all that fond of my laptop – find it harder to use.

Ten On Tuesday…04/10/12…

10 Favorite Ways to Prepare Eggs

1)  Frittatta

2)  Scrambled

3)  omelet

4)  Poached

5)  Hard Boiled

6)  Soft Boiled

7)  Fried

8)  Egg Salad

9)  Basted

10)  Deviled Eggs

Ten on Tuesday…01/24/12…

10 Movies I Want to See Right Now

1.  P. S. I Love You – I really like this movie…it was my introduction to Gerard Butler.

2.  One Day – Jim Sturgess…that’s all I need to say.

3.  The Hunger Games – read all three books in the series and I want to see what they did with the first book…I’m wondering if it can meet my expectations.

4.  Twilight – I have to be the last person on earth who has not seen this movie or the others in the series.

5.  One for the Money – I’ve read 7 of the Stephanie Plum series and I want to see what they did with the first book…I’m wondering if it can meet my expectations.

6.  Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Okay, I’m a fan of the MI movies…what’s not to like.

7.  Dolphin Tale – only cause I’m a sucker for animal stories.

8.  Rise of the Planet of the Apes – why not?

9.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Parts 1 & 2 – Only cause everyone else has seen them and I haven’t.

10.  Water For Elephants – because I liked the book…

Ten on Tuesday…01/17/12…

Once again my friend, Carol, came up with a great Ten On Tuesday topic…

10 Things To Do Inside When It’s Too Cold To Go Outside.

1.  Knit – that’s the first thing that pops into my mind.

2.  Cuddle up with a good book and a pretty quilt.

3.  Clean out dresser drawers.

4.  Bake – something chocolate works well.

5.  Make some warm comforting soup…homemade preferred.

6.  Have a movie day.

7.  Take a nice warm bubble bath.

8.  Quilt – see I’m a quilter too – so, I like to give my quilting some equal time.

9.  Bake bread – it is always so good when it is fresh out of the oven with lots of butter.

10.  Take a nap with the family pet.

Ten On Tuesday…01/10/12…

Ten Favorite Soups

1.  Black Bean Soup from the Columbia Restaurant in Tampa, Florida.  This soup is hearty and is usually served over a bit of white rice and chopped onion on top.

2.  Spanish Bean Soup the Signature Soup from the Columbia Restaurant in Tampa, Florida.  This is a wonderful soup and probably my most favorite soup in the world.  This soup and The Original “1905” Salad make a marvelous dinner. 

3.  Homemade Chicken and Rice/Noodle soup.  I like to put a bit of carrots in mine.

4.  Lentil Soup.   Homemade is the best…and I can make a decent lentil soup.

5.  French Onion Soup – While I do like this soup it is one that I rarely make.

6.  Fish Soup from Jordan Pond Restaurant in Acadia National Park.  It was the best I’ve  ever eaten – then last year while at SPA in Freeport, Maine – one of my friends brought some back from some Chowder/Soup place and it was just as good.

7.  Portuguese Kale Soup – Ate this soup the very first time I was in New England when I was in my 20s and have loved it ever since.  It is hearty!  And, filling.

8.  Butternut Squash Soup – I discovered this about a year ago – and I really really like it.

9.  The Veggie Soup at my local Chinese restaurant – China Delight.  This soup is composed of:  Chicken broth with the following raw veggies added:  water chestnuts, broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms, and carrots.

10.  The Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana.  This soup and garlic bread and I’m a happy camper.

Carole at Carole Knits does a wonderful job of finding tops for Ten on Tuesday…do drop by and see what others have to say about their favorite soups.

Ten on Tuesday…01/03/12…

10 Things I Want to Do in 2012

1.  Attend Fiber College in September and camp with my friends Dianna and Laila.

2.  Go to SPA in February with my friends, Dianna, Laila, and Kristen.

3.  Go up to Maine for a week of quilting with my friend Sue.

4.  Go to Canada for a week of knitting with some Ravelry friends.

5.  Visit my friends, Scarlett and Elizabeth, at least once a quarter.

6.  Read 52 books in 52 Weeks – and give away any of my books that I read.

7.  Knit 12 pair of socks this year – some for me, some for family, and some for friends.

8.  Finish up some quilting UFOs.

9.  Work on two Block of the Month quilts.

10.  Keep up with family and friends more.

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